We maintain the shell With water Food And oxygen From it we borrow Vocal chords Sight Smell Muscle and Movement Expressions Tears A place to put our Thoughts But where do we go? What is the “me” in this body? If I’m just cells And a cluster of brain waves The drug, hormones Receptors Whatever … More Chill


For all my anger For all my pain I’m here There’s something alive in this chest In this body I’ve borrowed Inhaling Exhaling Beating And that’s all I really have to do in life Breathe

Sitat nummer fem

There are some things you just can’t share through paper. These are memories already in their most beautiful form; an old video in your head and a present feeling in your heart. – KD DeFehr

Sick Again

The whole world lit you up Like the angel you are Like the tears on my cheeks As I look up at the stars And remember your hands Moving across piano keys But it was never the song That was capturing me I’m not alone When I think back to those days I still feel it all … More Sick Again

Just Another Soul

Often I feel I’ve said too much Can’t keep a hold On my writhing gut And I never settle for enough is enough I know I’m tough But my thoughts get rough When I’m stretching all the invisible strings Peering through nothing at the everything And I find I say I’m sorry a million times … More Just Another Soul