What’s Coming

There was a full moon out last night

But there they were, dancing under strobe lights

And we wonder where the wild things went

I’d take a dollar for every hour that’s spent

Searching the internet for answers in vein

While we should all be out there shouldering some blame

Cause’ how many times have you shared the same video?

Thinking this is so mainstream…kind of important though

About saving the planet, and how it’s the little shit that counts

And then you’re out and about and doing nothing to surmount

That urge we all get during our busy lives to turn a blind eye

Make this day a little easier and pull another drive-by

But one day your tomorrow will be the crap today left on the streets

And you’ll think back to when you were eight and every teacher would beef

Drilling this shit into the side of your head

“Pick up the fucking trash or some animal is gunna wind up dead!”

And now we’re all dying and half of us still can’t hear

Past what’s playing on the news, harvesting the ignorance and fear

We are a generation of so many brilliant hearts and minds

People who really listen and care, and do try

But there needs to be a little more act in this action

And I’m not talking more rallies or crimes of great passion

I’m talking about doing exactly the thing we all preach

Being collectively mindful, realizing that we have a new generation to teach

So let’s teach them and make sure that the message is always, you matter

In a world where iPhones and confidence are things most commonly shattered

Because if you think that one person will never make a difference

I ask you to look around and show me a single group that isn’t

Compiled of hundreds of individuals

I promise you none of them were born anything but habitual

And that they all once thought their efforts could never amount

But you try multiplying by zero and telling me that one doesn’t count!

So don’t you ever go thinking that you’re too dumb or too young or too sparse

Every person who’s ever been anything once felt like a farce

And if that doesn’t convince you and you still feel below making change

I ask, are you ready for what’s coming if things stay the same?


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