What’s Coming

There was a full moon out last night But there they were, dancing under strobe lights And we wonder where the wild things went I’d take a dollar for every hour that’s spent Searching the internet for answers in vein While we should all be out there shouldering some blame Cause’ how many times have … More What’s Coming

Come Dawn

Down by the river The young sparrow waits in vain Hold on, he whispers Here in the garden The blue jay hears a new song Time to sore, he sings While near the sea-shore An eagle bows his bald head Me instead, he prays The old man just smiles Not today, he says to them … More Come Dawn

In the Wake

Time brought us here To the morning of your first steps To the places where the change happened To your arms around his neck Time brought us here Through every phase we’ve ever known It brought the morning to your coffee Winter to first snow But you – you brought the fire You brought the … More In the Wake


Born beautiful On a moonlit night Reflecting off raindrops Pretty silver lights Crawling over petals Slipping without sound Beneath the shelter of a lily flower A creature has only just unwound Delicate are her wings Fluttering in a warm breeze She recognizes this place  A sanctuary under evergreens Spellbound though she is She has yet to … More Wonderland


The hum of silence I feel it within my skin Between these walls are resting Years of hidden sin I feel it all around me It’s etched into my bones Footprints left by walkers Who took my heart for one of stone But I am not an anchor When beaten, I go down I’ll hold … More Anchor


You think a person’s done hurting you Finally After years of Lies Refusals Beatings that came in the form of Kisses Hollow ones perhaps There only for the purpose of persuasion To lead you so deep into falsehood You think you’ll never resurface Not alive, anyway But you think you’re past that You’ve moved on, … More Finally

This Is

This is it. This is all the dark, All the light, All the shadows of the world. This is rising coastlines. This is falling lifelines. This is Earth shattering for love’s sake, And this is bone crushing for heartbreak. This is the wave of existence. So have you come to exist, my friend? Or have … More This Is