Lucifer’s Kiss

Eyes flaking Falling apart Skin shaking Torn by lines of fault Her breath scattered through clean breezes of air Her laughter lingered Before crumbling there And she surrendered Fingers stretched towards the heavens But her heart fell to the floor Mastered what couldn’t be forgiven Nothing mattered now Not the blood on the walls Nothing … More Lucifer’s Kiss

Mind You’re Dead

I’m a lover of life But I hate my existence One minute I’m here Then I’m gone in an instant I fell from a star Straight into a grave To some unheavenly horror I am a slave Bound by familiar shackles I greet terror again Crouching like an animal Hiding my head I claw the walls I … More Mind You’re Dead

Gun and a Rose

I’m catastrophic I’m metal on skin Blood on my hands is nothing To the blood stirring within The sun is subtly glaring While a shadow overgrows beneath The ageing of this flower Is the power behind my grief Stone on stone Can’t set flame to a fire Can’t diminish from drowning If you already breathe … More Gun and a Rose

Calling On Repeat

Whoever you are You’ve heard a song And you play it on the daily Wherever you are You’ve received a kiss And you’ve been thinking of it lately You know the sweet, raw melody As you recall the passion twice as fair What will you ever do? How may this be repaired? Over and over … More Calling On Repeat


Feel the way I move Know the way I breathe I am an animal I crawl I cannot see Listen to my bones Can you hear the way they speak? There is an animal In every part of me Endure the ways I think Call to the insiders They’re searching They’re asking They’re finding no … More Animal

Insides Of Stone

These walls steal my vision As poison fills my lungs The air cements my very own tongue My insides cry out Gasping for air Dead are the faces that linger here And lost are the trees planted there