Come Dawn

Down by the river The young sparrow waits in vain Hold on, he whispers Here in the garden The blue jay hears a new song Time to sore, he sings While near the sea-shore An eagle bows his bald head Me instead, he prays The old man just smiles Not today, he says to them … More Come Dawn


Born beautiful On a moonlit night Reflecting off raindrops Pretty silver lights Crawling over petals Slipping without sound Beneath the shelter of a lily flower A creature has only just unwound Delicate are her wings Fluttering in a warm breeze She recognizes this place  A sanctuary under evergreens Spellbound though she is She has yet to … More Wonderland

Life on a Rock

In the spirit of Canada Day I thought I’d share my new poem about my own home town on Vancouver Island. Life on a Rock is about Nanaimo, B.C., the Harbour City that I call home. Life on a Rock There’s a calm, a simplicity in the air we breathe, fresh off the ocean breeze. It’s … More Life on a Rock

Buddy Bear

I was eleven when I came home To find a basket in the kitchen What looked like a fluffy teddy bear Was what I saw when I looked in You were so excited to meet me You skidded across the tiles and bumped your head And that’s instantly when I knew That you were going … More Buddy Bear


When you walk with me I’ll take your hand Not every girl Is born with a friend  Not everybody  Gets a little me To laugh, to play To grow and to tease  I love you, big sister  Inside and out I look up to you in more ways Than any tape measure can count  Little … More Sisters