I confess the mess I am kneeling bedside before you, who bares witness the fraud in me, cowering in moral incompetence. Surely you must know already of my guileless deceit? The way I await so willingly, yearning; hungry for your closure; the need to feel your needing me in all the old forbidden ways. Advertisements

In the Wake

Time brought us here To the morning of your first steps To the places where the change happened To your arms around his neck Time brought us here Through every phase we’ve ever known It brought the morning to your coffee Winter to first snow But you – you brought the fire You brought the … More In the Wake


Born beautiful On a moonlit night Reflecting off raindrops Pretty silver lights Crawling over petals Slipping without sound Beneath the shelter of a lily flower A creature has only just unwound Delicate are her wings Fluttering in a warm breeze She recognizes this place  A sanctuary under evergreens Spellbound though she is She has yet to … More Wonderland

The Stain

Coveted Watched closely by The Stain See dirty hands on Dirty money Dirty blood down dirty drains No subject to blindness We feel it circling the shower floor In a room made for victims Where there is little room for whores They took the youngest We hear her crying down the hall But that’s impossible since it’s … More The Stain