You leave tomorrow and you’re inside packing your paintings your clothes necessities And I’m thinking how I should be one of those things needed one of those things you bring everywhere because life wouldn’t be complete without it by your side But I’m not Instead I’m watching and I’m waiting and I’m looking out at … More Waiting

Beautiful Blogger

A huge thanks to the Gray Poet for nominating me for the Beautiful Blogger Award 🙂 I was so excited when I saw that he’d nominated me as he is one of my all time favorite poets! It’s awesome when someone your a fan of is a fan of you, hahaha. Check out his site … More Beautiful Blogger

Versatile Blogger

Thanks sooooo much to Marina Sofia who has nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award 😀 It’s hugely complimenting and has made me extremely happy. Sometimes all it takes to start the day off good is checking your notifications and seeing that someone has been appreciating your work 🙂 So thank you Marina! Check out … More Versatile Blogger

Without You

Choking on love Living on loneliness Dizzy I hardly sleep These nights are Moonless And I can’t do this With you so far away from me Cuz’ I’m addicted to your voice And your arms around my waist And I can’t stop thinking about The way you always taste These cravings get hot And heavy When … More Without You


Someday I’ll look toward the stars and ask you how you are I’ll tell you all about my day no matter where you are And then I’ll say, “I love you dad” and send a kiss to you Just like always Just like when you stand in the doorway of my room Because I’ll always … More Dad

What is happening…?

Hey guys, So I dunno if this is happening to anyone else but something extremely annoying and weird keeps happening when I make a post and it’s ruining my poetry and is making me super mad. You may or may not have noticed the random words in posts that get underlined, highlighted and linked to … More What is happening…?

Fresh Hell

What fresh hell spreading its infectious tumors into organs without a name What fresh hell squeezing the holder drilling into sweetness exposing all the veins This isn’t like the other times times of understanding and forgiveness This is like the knife that carved out that willingness Now he’s hiding like a child hands over head … More Fresh Hell