The Stain

Coveted Watched closely by The Stain See dirty hands on Dirty money Dirty blood down dirty drains No subject to blindness We feel it circling the shower floor In a room made for victims Where there is little room for whores They took the youngest We hear her crying down the hall But that’s impossible since it’s … More The Stain

Haunting Me

I remember that night Sitting in the dark Thinking, you could stop this pain Just by not being where you are  Knowing you were knowing Just what you were doing to me And knowing you weren’t stopping Thinking, how sick this love must be And she was nothing to you But you were my whole world Yet … More Haunting Me

Bleeding Tears

I don’t cry tears I bleed them Cough them out of lungs Spew them from sockets where eyes once rested Let them rain over flesh Poisoning Crawling back into the depths of shallow veins They choke the liver Squeeze screaming kidneys Writhing They drench bones in their joined monstrosities I squirm, imprisoned in skin Howling through open … More Bleeding Tears

Fresh Hell

What fresh hell spreading its infectious tumors into organs without a name What fresh hell squeezing the holder drilling into sweetness exposing all the veins This isn’t like the other times times of understanding and forgiveness This is like the knife that carved out that willingness Now he’s hiding like a child hands over head … More Fresh Hell

The Catalyst

He sets fire To my fields My fields Of flowers Mine For the giving He made it His For the taking And I fucking hate him for it I’d wish he’d burn If it would return life To my flowers But you can’t Reverse A chemical Reaction Not in any way That matters

I Hope

I hope she has you falling in love I hope she’s everything you need I hope her kisses send you shivers of joy I hope you feel you need her to breathe I hope her hands are soft and warm And she always knows just what to say Every time you’re feeling sad and blue … More I Hope