All She Wrote

My back hurts today And I’m feeling pretty blue The sky outside is gray And the ocean is too I was thinking about you this morning When I first rolled out of bed Well that’s a lie, cuz my first thought was actually About my pounding head But then I remembered that little place You … More All She Wrote


I wanna take your hand And let you lead me into the trees I wanna open my heart a little wider After every star we see I wanna kiss you on the lips By the lake out under the moon I wanna know just what it’s like To be the girl for you And I … More Stay


Love is usually patient, often kind, and almost always jealous. ā¤ – KD DeFehr

Amanda Todd

A young lady committed suicide last night because she was bullied so bad…one photo ruined her life. The harassment, theĀ embarrassment…It makes me sick and it makes me wish so bad I’d have known her…could have reached out a hand, been her friend. Helped somehow. But now nobody can. I’ve said it many times before and … More Amanda Todd