He asks me to dance And I surrender to him Falling into his arms I let my body fold Limp and numb Moving against and with his I disregard all sense of Responsibility Control And I let him chase me Recklessly into darkness Tasting his lips with mine I play the game well Every time … More Gone


They won’t admit it But they hate me Even more than that they hate That there’s no hope Not for me And my presence confirms that I hear them screaming at me At my infestation Try to shake it out of me and then I see them turn their heads Look down Look away Sigh … More Creature

Drag Me Under

Ceasing is the land of dead I crawled behind your eyes instead Falling was the cure I sought Loving was the demon’s drought On and on it goes again Forgive, forget; it never ends Hold my hand and drag me under A whistle blows, I abandon slumber These kisses, they keep killing me However only existing … More Drag Me Under

Just Like That

Just like that You put it out The flame that’d burned so strong You sentenced it Dead and gone Like it never existed Not an ash for evidence and yet I know It left its scorch marks on me Although I keep them where no one sees Like I don’t feel the burn Like I … More Just Like That

Quick question!

Hey guys 🙂 So I tried to work on my new pages and am very frustrated…I made them all pretty with pictures and laid everything out how I wanted but when I pressed “publish” everything jumbled together and made a big mess. The format totally changed! I kept trying but this happened every time. Anyone … More Quick question!