What’s Coming

There was a full moon out last night But there they were, dancing under strobe lights And we wonder where the wild things went I’d take a dollar for every hour that’s spent Searching the internet for answers in vein While we should all be out there shouldering some blame Cause’ how many times have … More What’s Coming

Life on a Rock

In the spirit of Canada Day I thought I’d share my new poem about my own home town on Vancouver Island. Life on a Rock is about Nanaimo, B.C., the Harbour City that I call home. Life on a Rock There’s a calm, a simplicity in the air we breathe, fresh off the ocean breeze. It’s … More Life on a Rock

That Door

Opening that door It makes me feel so alone Behind it there’s so much beauty I fall into the depths of the blue Where my eyes meet with purple And it tugs on the heart strings And for what feels like the first time I’m breathing I’m feeling I’m listening I’m experiencing Above me There’s … More That Door

For All Of My Days

Slipping between my fingers Pretty silver lights Dancing on a wooden dock Laughing with the night The water glides like liquid glass Rolling across each stone The moon shines light into my very core The breeze is my hand to hold I think of a perfect smile Playing across your lips You have no idea … More For All Of My Days

The Humming Tree

You have the eyes But I can see I can see The Humming Tree The birds, they chirp at the buzzing bees And upon a golden hill stands The Humming Tree All day and night it sways and sways It hums and sways and leaves dance away Up and up past Eagle’s Bay Hum and … More The Humming Tree